Challenge Coins And Its Purpose And Significance

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Challenge Coin

People naturally like to receive rewards or prizes when they have done something that they would consider an accomplishment. After all, it is human nature to expect at least a little something in return when they really worked hard to finish a task they are assigned to do.

Because of this fact, aside from verbal positive reinforcements, team leaders or heads of organizations usually also give material things to recognize exemplary individuals or groups.

And among the vast choices of rewards to give, the challenge coins are perhaps one of the most popular and most substantial of all.

What are these coins?

The first usage of challenge coins as recognition material dates back in Ancient Rome where it is traditional for military members, or legionnaires as they are used to be called, to receive a special coin when they have shown exceptional service to the country. Aside from receiving their usual monetary payment, recognized legionnaires would also receive a special separate coin as a reward.

Challenge CoinThese special coins are said to be specially minted and marked with the emblem of the legion where they came from. Like ordinary currency, these distinct coins can be spent on goods and services in the area. But due its rarity and significance, most military men would keep them as memento rather than spend them.

Traditionally, challenge coins are circular in shape, with a diameter of 1.5 to 2 inches, and around 1/10 of an inch thick. In the old days, these coins are typically made of copper and are always circular in shape. However, nowadays, coins of unusual shapes are getting popular.

Some hand out pentagon coins, dog tag coins, and irregularly shaped coins like those resembling arrows and shield. And aside from the regular material used to make these coins, manufacturers are also now using different materials like pewter and nickel to suit the demands of the client who ordered the custom coins.

The most common design for these coins is the engraving of the company or organization’s emblem but variations are now common for a more personalized touch. Ranks, name of the recipient, or motto with multi dimensional design are now popular as decoration for the coin.

What is the purpose and significance of giving these coins?

As a tradition, military leaders hand out challenge coins to prove membership of a new member. This can also be given to noted individuals or teams which displayed great enthusiasm in their service when challenged.

Today, not only the military give coins as reward items. In fact, most companies or groups nowadays give coins to deserving individuals as substitute to trophies, plaques, or certificates.

The most popular use of these coins today is to give appreciation to members which are considered role members to the organization. They are usually handed to the recipient by the leader via a handshake. But for a more formal and sophisticated approach, many companies give out these coins enclosed in an elegant container like a velvet or glass box.

Another common purpose of these coins is to prove association of an individual to a team. When an applicant gained satisfactory remarks and has passed all the tests for membership, coins may be given as a proof of attachment to the group.

There are many more purposes for giving challenge coins but all carry the same significance – that is to boost the morale of the recipient, and to subsequently give a concrete symbol of gratitude, indebtedness, and appreciation for a job well done. Aside from that, having these coins as rewards will give a person something that they can be proud of and show and share to other people.

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Laughter as a Way to Establish Great Speaker-Audience Relationship

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Doing safety presentations can be a tough and even boring job for the person who’d be discussing the topic to a large audience. It may seem quite boring or quite difficult (and yes, it can definitely be in certain aspects) to study up and rehearse your talk, but it is actually is more than just that. Being a presenter of safety presentations paves way for professionals to share what they know about their profession just to make a change, and even save lives eventually. The preparation for a talk should also not be that hard and that boring. Being a presenter does require planning, but that does not mean that a speaker cannot put something fun in their presentations.

When a person takes the role of a speaker, regardless if it is in the field of medicine, in the field of law, or in any other field whatsoever, they begin to embody the persona of a teacher giving light to his students in order to guide them towards understanding. In thinking of it this way, a person may get excited over the fact that his being a speaker can actually make him contribute to society in general effectively and in the best way possible. Teachers, unlike how they have been portrayed in different movies and television series across time, actually do more than just let students read. Teachers understand that if they want to make a change, if they want to be remembered, they have to make an impact.


Connecting this to the topic of presenting effective safety presentations, one cannot help to think that there is simply more to presenting that what meets the eye. Since most audiences today lean towards the direction of being reliant on technology to be amused, a speaker may utilize the technology of today to encourage people to listen to what he is trying to say. Instead of using whiteboards or simple PowerPoint presentations, you, as a speaker, can use movies, pictures, or other devices, thereby making your discussion more effective.

It also does not hurt to be yourself when talking to an audience, and it also does not hurt to show them that you can be funny, too. In fact, a lot of professional speakers do not even end their speeches without a single joke or punch line without being thrown out by the editors in charge of the newspaper. Being funny has been related to being more trusted by the audience, and can also boost their confidence in what you can provide them as a speaker. Especially in the case of safety presentations wherein a lot of information need to be absorbed by the audience, it would be helpful if the speaker would crack a joke once a while just to build rapport and to show them that learning can be very relaxing as well.

A speaker who can be funny can also be extremely effective in his craft. Studies have shown that being funny has been associated with being relatable, respectable, intellectual, friendly, and trustworthy. When a speaker has the capability to make the audience smile, he actually sends a message that he can be trusted since he is showing positive human attributes, something which anyone can find attractive. Topics that are related to safety presentations such as fire drills or viral outbreaks become easier to absorb when a person is calmly telling it to the audience, with one joke told every five or ten minutes or so.

Numerous personal experiences by professional speakers make it clear that when the audience feels that they are comfortable with you, their attention will entirely be devoted to you and to your topic. It basically implies that the speaker is relaxed, unfazed, and knows everything about the topic that he is going to discuss in order to prevent confusion later on. Speakers often get positive remarks when they show that they are positive in their handling of serious cases or important information to be disclosed to the public.

Therefore, as a speaker, if you want to be successful, always be happy, and never forget the benefits of a good laugh – especially if you’re going to talk about things that are known to cause worry and panic.

Getting Ahead In Human Resources Requires HR Certification Training

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As with any position that you may find yourself trying to go for, there are some advantages to getting the right training in place. Whether you want to become a teacher, or you want to be a firefighter, there are elements in place that you have to chase in order to gain any sort of career within. If you don’t take advantage of the opportunities to learn, and train, you will not be given the position if you apply. The same goes for human resources. If you want a career in recruiting, managing, and even leading employees, you will want to look into HR Certification Training and get certified for this type of position.

The Focus of Training

TrainingFirst and foremost, you will find that this type of training is geared towards those that want to help companies recruit and retain employees. Without this department in place, companies wouldn’t be able to gain a semblance of help or balance. Imagine the largest companies in the world today, and you’ll find their offices full of employees that were recruited, on boarded, and helped by an HR representative. They are the buffer between disgruntled employees that will sue, and happy ones that are willing to do a great deal of their positions. When going into the world of HR Certification Training, you will find that there is real world information placed on the forefront. It’s done to help create leaders that can go forward and get roles within large and small companies.

Certification Matters Greatly

For every one job that gets published, hundreds of applicants may come out of the woodwork to apply. It’s that heavy competition that causes many people to end up dealing with a variety of issues trying to get their foot in the proverbial door. By having certification on your work history, you’re going to communicate to companies that you’re serious about getting into a career of this magnitude and you will be able to get the job done. Not only that, it shows a professionalism that may not be apparent in other applications. This option is definitely worth exploring, and will help you gain a foothold in the right areas.

Forwarding Education

When you look into finding a good opportunity within HR Certification Training, you will find that there are a lot of programs that are prominent today. Focus on going with a fully accredited, well respected program. A good program will not only help you get the right certification, they will help you study and pass the exam required for certification. Remember, you can’t just waltz into this world, you will need to find yourself moving forward with the right education and background. Without this, you are going to find it hard to get into a position within the HR departments of small and medium size companies.

representativeAnother note to remember when looking at getting certified is the fact that you will have to renew every three years. You will have to look into the renewal process and perhaps even get help from a good training facility to further your education. The HR world is an evolutionary one, and what may seem to be part of the legal process today, may not be part of the legal options down the line. It’s important that you seek out these options and move forward accordingly. Much like other professional fields, it’s imperative that you look into getting certified for this type of work so that you can stand out, gain benefits, and pursue this career path with relative ease. Most people don’t realize how hard this position is to gain traction within, which is why training is necessary.